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How to Act Indonesian Number 16

On 4:47 PM

How to Act Indonesian Number 16

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How does one act for an Indonesian politician? Sacha Stevenson shows you all the right moves in her sixteenth episode of her wildly popular series on YouTube called “How to Act Indonesian.”

Indonesian political humour is rife with acronyms, brutal truths, name-calling and parodies. Everyone can remember the “Madame Ten Percent” nickname given to Suharto’s wife Madame Tien Suharto because she took cuts from government projects during the time of Suharto’s rule. It doesn’t help that “tien” also means ten in the Dutch language.

Want to know how current politicians act, and study up on how to get into Indonesian politics yourself? Watch below and find out.

  • 6
  • 6Shares
Source: < a href=http://indonesiaexpat.biz/video/how-to-act-indonesian-number-16/ target="blank">Google News

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